Manacor: Discover the Hidden Beauty Beyond Perception

Manacor, the municipality that once captured the headlines for being labeled as the “ugliest” in Mallorca, has encountered a new contender in the eyes of Artificial Intelligence. In 2024, Llucmajor has claimed the title of the “least attractive” town, according to ChatGPT. However, the reasons behind this classification remain undisclosed, except for the mention of its more urban and modern development potentially diminishing its picturesque allure.

The AI platform, known for its politically correct nature, refrains from using definitive terms like “ugly” which are subjective and dependent on personal taste. Instead, it employs imaginative formulas to soften the impact by providing a ranking of three “less attractive” cities based on its own algorithms.

Alongside Llucmajor, Manacor has now been placed in second position, followed by Inca as the third municipality on the list. Nevertheless, the criteria used to position these towns remains ambiguous. The tool itself emphasizes that these rankings are merely subjective perceptions, as each place possesses its own unique character and attractiveness.

Back in 2018, Manacor gained infamy for being labeled as the ugliest town in Mallorca, thanks to a satirical contest organized by the renowned magazine Foc i Fum. The outcome of this peculiar vote sparked diverse reactions and comments among the participating users.

Despite the persistent label of being an “ugly” municipality, Manacor has yet to shake off this image, even after six years. Surprisingly, ChatGPT has bestowed Llucmajor with the dubious honor of being the “least beautiful” instead.

Interestingly, although included on the list, the AI platform actually recommends visiting these towns, encouraging users to experience them firsthand and form their own opinions. So, why not embark on a journey to Manacor, Llucmajor, and Inca, and discover the hidden beauties beyond mere perception?


1. Koji je grad proglašen za “najmanje privlačan” na Mallorci?
Odgovor: Prema ChatGPT-u, grad Llucmajor je proglašen za “najmanje privlačan” grad na Mallorci.

2. Koji je bio prethodni grad koji je nosio titulu “najružnijeg” grada na Mallorci?
Odgovor: Prije Llucmajora, titulu “najružnijeg” grada na Mallorci je nosio Manacor.

3. Koje su moguće posljedice urbanog i modernog razvoja Llucmajora na njegovu slikovitu privlačnost?
Odgovor: Prema ChatGPT-u, urban i moderni razvoj Llucmajora može umanjiti njegovu slikovitu privlačnost.

4. Koje algoritme koristi ChatGPT za određivanje rangiranja gradova?
Odgovor: ChatGPT koristi vlastite algoritme za rangiranje gradova, ali detalji o tim algoritmima nisu otkriveni.

5. Koje su tri grada rangirana kao “manje privlačna” prema ChatGPT-u?
Odgovor: Prema ChatGPT-u, Llucmajor je prvo rangiran kao “najmanje privlačan” grad, Manacor je drugo rangiran, a Inca treći.


1. Umjetna inteligencija (AI) – područje računalne znanosti koje se bavi razvojem poljoprivrednih sustava koji imaju sposobnost izvođenja zadataka koji obično zahtijevaju ljudsku inteligenciju.

2. Algoritam – precizno definirani skup koraka ili pravila za rješavanje problema ili obavljanje određenog zadatka.

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